Welcome to Crown Beads

You will find a wide variety of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, pearls, coral, pendants, findings and more. Our inventory will continue to grow because a very small percentage of our items have been posted online. Please be patient as we continue to add items weekly!

Every child is an artist, the problems is staying an artist when you grow up--Pablo Picasso

They say from a tiny seed; may a fruitful tree grow. As such, a tiny pearlescent bead grew a lifelong passion for jewelry designing.  I started making jewelry at a very young age -- thumbing and tossing these beautiful beads in the air, watching as their color and shimmer glinted in the light. Spell-bound by the wide variety of bead and gemstone styles, I scoured the country and world to pick up what this magnificent Earth had left behind -- freshwater pearls, still glistening from the ocean water, Peruvian blue opals from Peru, a dizzying and colorful variety of topaz, citrine, amethyst and garnet gemstones -- just to name a few.

Every bead, every gemstone precious and semi-precious have a story to tell: Greek folklore, ancient superstition, metaphysical energies. And it is to this end that I found inspiration for my jewelry designs and purpose for Crown Beads. Across America, you’ll find my jewelry collections shining in boutiques, galleries and trade shows using the very gemstone beads, pendants and findings sold here.

I’ve sold and traded throughout the world to share my treasure, but most importantly, the ultimate luxury.

Sheryl Sandberg believes “It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution,” to which I will say: I am deeply excited to be sharing my findings with you, my fellow beaders!